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May 05, 2015


Canadian Apprentice

I agree with your assessment of P.D. James and Ruth Rendell. I've tried to read both of them (being an author myself I endeavour to read representative novels from all the big names who write in my genres). I've failed to ever finish either a James or Rendell novel. James is stuffy and long-winded, her hero Dalgleish obviously her personal wet dream; Rendell is pretentious and slow.

I also agree with your five points. Facebook has never interested me and seems a pie-in-the-sky way to try to promote a novel. I much prefer the readers' site Goodreads, where at least all the members are actually keen readers eager to make new reading finds.

Your comment on blurbs resonates with me too. Lee Child lauds Stephen King's latest doorstop; then King does the same for Childs. Deaver blurbs them both and they both blurb him. A silly, meaningless merry-go-round.

We seem to agree on a lot related to publishing -- so I just wish that I could query my latest thriller manuscript to you!

Mary Lawrence

Glad you had something new to say. At least for the few minutes it takes me to read your post, I feel less miserable about the book world. Thanks.

David M

I'm happy I found this post. My publisher-to-be has encouraged me to get active on social media, so I've spent the last few weeks on Twitter and what I've seen is writers following other writers and saying clever things back and forth … Normally I'd feel compelled to include my website with this comment and hope people visit it But they never do and, even if they did, they wouldn't buy the book when it comes out, so I'll leave the URL section blank and just thank you for the post. I look forward to reading more of them.

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