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October 16, 2014


Canadian Apprentice

I've just completed a heist novel in which three (relatively) amateur heisters break into a high security vault. Obviously they have to be very technologically clever in figuring out how to do so, and this is something that I've had to describe convincingly.

But I've made sure that this doesn't dominate my novel and that it is not the driving force of the plot. Instead, it is characters and their interactions that takes narrative precedence. Humans are the reason they are doing the heist, and humans, not clever technology, are the reason why they succeed.

[Now I begin the process of querying this manuscript to agents.]

AGATHO RESPONDS: Apprentice, would you email me at the address in the "About" field of the blog? I have an interesting idea. - Agatho

Jack Getze

Too much TV crime show watching. NCIS and Criminal Minds to name two popular series -- both with subsequent spinoffs.

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