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September 03, 2014


Lexi Revellian

My opinion is that a small publisher cares more about the quality of the writing and less about the bottom line. Nothing wrong with making a profit; I'm all for it, but letting the quarter's figures assume supreme importance is a mistake, and not a mistake Jeff Bezos makes.

Fifty years ago publishers, when they spotted talent, were prepared to give it time to develop. Some writers, like Mary Renault, published half a dozen books before striking gold. That would never happen these days. She'd have been dumped after the unremarkable sales of the first.

Jack Getze

I don't know if it's the writers or the agents that choose "small" only after the New York crowd has said no. A decent advance seems so important in the agent's world.

Have to disagree with the above on profits. Every publisher must be concerned with profits or there are no books. Quality means nothing if a firm's losing money -- you're out of business.

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