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December 10, 2013


Canadian Apprentice

Thanks for this helpful list. I've read two Stroby 'Crissa Stone' novels but none of the rest.
As a would-be thriller writer myself (two novel manuscripts completed) I want to read the very best and will be looking for these authors from here on.

Kathy M.

Agatho: Where would you position the prolific and best-selling Lee Child with respect to Patterson and these writers?

Frank Ogden

I am a big fan of Wallace Stroby, thanks for putting him 2nd on your list. I would add Jonathon King who writes a Max Freeman series set in the Everglades. I don't read Patterson anymore, too much duplication of plot and character.

Edythe Brown

Brian Freeman is at the top of my list. Love his books. Recommend reading his books.

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