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May 21, 2013


Lexi Revellian

I've just blogged about how tiresome I find rules for indies, when the great advantage of self-publishing is that you can do things your own way.

So I don't agree every writer needs an editor. That said, I wouldn't be without my beta readers, whose comments I take very seriously, nor the offspring's input, when I can persuade her to give it.

Pepper Smith

So, Lexi, you use amateur editors.


I just this minute started following your blog, Lexi.

Lexi Revellian

Pepper, if you want to know what readers will think of your books, ask a reader (or six). Works for me.

Thank you, ccc :o)

Pepper Smith

I've used betas before. I know what they do. They do serve to a limited degree as unpaid editors.

As good as my betas have been, though, I'd rather have an editor help me give it the final polish. We're all imperfect, and it's a very rare writer who can objectively edit his/her own work.

But whatever works for you.


Don't underestimate the power of editors...they can seriously make or break a book. I normally have a couple of hard-to-please beta readers hack through my work, fix it, and then have my editor polish it up afterwards.

On that note, I do notice that for some reason, there are a few snarky indie authors out there who think they are the second coming of the messiah when it comes to fiction, which baffles me.

Lose the attitude, ask for help, be a better person, and enchant your audience is usually my response to them.

Anyways, great blog post!

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