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September 22, 2012


Lexi Revellian

Can I add one?

6. Coincidence. Coincidences happen all the time in real life, but you have to be very careful with them in fiction as readers tend to pounce on them and scoff.

(I should add the 22 Rules of Storytelling according to Pixar state: Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.)


That's my problem, my protagonist dies. It could be different now that I know things have to go a certain way or else. But life is like that, sometimes you die, and unfortunately, mine croaked.
Over-all though, this was all useful stuff, thanks!!

Nick Campbell

I'd like to add bad voice recordings in Audiobooks. It ruins the entire world if you have a meh voice actor.

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