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August 17, 2012



I think people should post on their blogs when they have something to say, not on some "professional's" view. I find blogs where posts are empty, often just reposts of what was there previously ("here's a review I wrote last year") or lists of links, forget it. If people subscribe in RSS they'll see your posts anyway.

Can't agree on The Hypnotist, I'm afraid! (Started well, ended poorly).

Agree on the linked-in, self-promos, etc.

Lance C.

Then again, if Apple ran a bookstore, they'd sell only books published by Apple, and they'd be 50% more expensive than anyone else's books. But they'd have really cool covers.

AGATHO RESPONDS: Ha! Well and accurately said. But I'm too worn out by summer to take on Amazon and Apple (again) this month... maybe in September.

checkers game

I prefer reading quality blogs, quantity means nothing to me. Seriously, how can one say omething when there'a actually nothing to say? Posting things just because you are supposed to do that is somewhat lame. I love your blog!

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