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October 02, 2011


Pepper Smith

I had to give some thought to how to answer this. The truth is, very few authors are going to say "Heck no, I don't want that one big best seller, I want to labor in obscurity for my entire writing life, publishing a novel a year that barely sells enough to keep me in print."

Unless we only had that one thing we wanted to say to the world so that one big best-seller is all we needed, most of us will keep writing, and one thing about us is that we write to be read. Sure, we could take that one big best-seller and post everything else for free online, but if I'm going to put the kind of time and effort that goes into writing into them, I'm not going to want to offer novel-length works for free. And even with the stampede to self-publish, there's still something validating about going through an editorial review process and having your work selected for publication.

I suspect this question is much easier to answer from your side of things.

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