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May 08, 2011



DO have a protagonist say things that a reader would only dare think. Ex: The hero directly accuses the villain or some other character of lying, causing an instant conflict. A real person might say nothing, or pretend to believe someone who lied to them, yet stew inside for not having the courage to speak out. Maybe what I'm saying is to give the character the courage to speak and act when others can't or won't for lack of courage.

I think that's why readers are drawn to heroes--we want to be more like them. More: brave, honest, intelligent, creative, analytical, exciting, etc. At the same time, we don't want them to be perfect, either. Just 'better' than us in some way.

Jersey Jack

In many of his older westerns (think Hombre) as well as his modern crime novels (think Get Shorty) Elmore Leonard loves to establish that his protagonist takes no crap. This works very well on me as a reader

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