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April 11, 2011


Lexi Revellian

Re your four good responses; I entirely identify with one and three, but two and four, brief as they were, made me want to yawn.

Maybe I have an unfair prejudice against the word 'explore' in connection with fiction? Or maybe I suspect those authors would be telling me what to think, always tiresome.

Torque Wrench

that's a unique side of the story, on the sheep ranch with a serial killer for sheep..


Thanks for putting purpose of writing in a different light. Your good and bad 'query sentences' opened my eyes regarding how to connect with the agents. Thanks.

Jersey Jack

Good stuff, Agatho. Your audience would love to see many more queries, good and bad. We never know what to say, except PLEASE READ MY NOVEL!

P.S. Why would anyone kill sheep?

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