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April 25, 2011


Lexi Revellian

I don't think it's so much the paper that's bad (after all, isn't it nice to have land covered in an ever-renewed crop of trees?) but the deliveries of paper books and the silly system of returns.

Ereaders, made of minerals and plastics, aren't all that green. But I've given up arguing with people who like to believe they are 'saving trees', as if the trees grown for the paper industry will scamper off to enjoy a life of happy freedom once they are no longer needed.

heavy hedonist

Thank you for finding the words I've searched for, often, myself: Books are an excellent use of paper.
And for me, they are a lasting source of joy.


The way people learn and enjoy and retain knowledge is with a tactile object. So many people are visual that when they remember a favorite story or a favorite moment, they can actually picture that page, that picture, the feel of the paper, the font— it's a piece of art. Books are a piece of art and they're never going away. They're always going to be amazing gifts and amazing friends. They are so great to share and reuse.

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