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February 05, 2011



Good post. As a yet to be published author, I can't believe the primadonna attitude any writer would cop when they should know they're not the ones with the power in a book deal. Whether my manuscript is the greatest literary work in the history of written words, or not, if a publisher chooses not to publish it, game over. Why would anybody jeopardize their chances of getting published in any way, shape, or form?

I say, let the ego wait until after the book is published. Then mount your throne and proceed to rule the literary landscape. As for me, I'll gladly work my ass off with any publisher or editor who is willing to take a chance on me, in hopes of producing the best book possible. The same goes for any subsequent work I may produce.

Sign me up for the 'This is our manuscript' program.


Ha! I learned this in theatre school, when we would change the emphasis word by word through a sentence. The meaning changed radically every time.

Those acting lessons come in handy now that I write.

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