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January 01, 2011


Lexi Revellian

Happy new year, Agatho!

I'm going to focus on #2. READ SOMEONE NEW, and the way this is happening in the UK since the advent of the Kindle. It's given a real boost to indie authors unable to get mainstream publication, and unable to crack the publishers' monopoly of the bookshops; readers have shown themselves happy to try an unknown author on their Kindle, if the book looks promising and the price is low.

(I thought as you hadn't mentioned ebooks, I would.)


Speaking of #2, I just read our Sunday Paper's bestseller list (Clancy, Grisham, Patterson, Cornwell, Follett, etc.) which included not one new, unknown indie writer. Unsung Michael Hogan doesn't stand a chance! ... and "Buriel of the Dead" is ten-fold better than anything on this tired list. Truly. I've read it and would read it again.

Pepper Smith


Amen to that.

Chanel J12

Usually success and failure is just one step away,Life is a combination of success and failure. Both are needed

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