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December 19, 2010



Lisbeth Salander is a "man's take on the way a woman should act, or on how he would act if he were a woman." But frankly, I've never known or heard tell of a man (much less a woman), who would act like Lisbeth. That may be why her character is so idolized.

Lexi Revellian

On my better days, I think there isn't that much difference between men and women.

However, in fiction...Jasper Fforde has Thursday Next peeing out of doors, with no recognition that this is not easy or convenient for a woman. Was there no female editor to tell him?

And John le Carré, in one of my favourite books, The Little Drummer Girl, gives his heroine an unmistakeably masculine approach to sex. I think, if you write as the opposite sex, it's a good idea to get it checked out by an average male/female as required.

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