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October 29, 2010


Florence Fois

It was one of the scariest moments ... and then it spawned two scary movies.

The charmer the first time was Robert Wagner and the second, and I believe more frightening was Matt Dillon.

That moment just before he flips her off the edge is wonderful.

Thanks for all the other twists.

Brian Lindenmuth

By far the greatest plot twist I ever read was in a book called Set This House in Order by Matt Ruff. I've since read it an additional three times and I now consider it a favorite. It's not mystery or crime fiction though. What strikes me on subsequent reads is how, at a couple of points during the narrative, Ruff just tells you what the twist will be and the reader doesn't catch on.

A brilliant book and not just for the twist.

Lindsey Edwards

Romance author Shana Abe does a good twist in her SERIES, the drakon books. It's prob not as shocking as a mystery twist could be (don't read mystery, so I couldn't say), but it was pretty amazing for me. The 'villain' in the final books took me by suprise and how she executed the writing in the last book of the series was astounding. All the books made my top list of great reads.

Benjamin Gage

I really loved the twist in the movie No Way Out, with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. Normally I can spot even the biggest twist coming, but that totally threw me.

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