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October 10, 2010



Okay, about #3 & #4 because I'm one of those so-called intelligent people who's bandying this about. When I see all kinds of errors in published books, I assume someone's not reading or editing. I have a friend who writes mysteries. I can't begin to tell you the things that get by her readers, her agent, her editors and I guess her, if she's the very last reader. It's ridiculous. If a man starts out bald and has a complete head of hair 8 or 10 chapters later... someone isn't paying attention. Dumb things like that are always popping up in her books. I think it's embarrassing for fans to be catching these booboos and that editors aren't. Am I wrong? I would be absolutely mortified! Of course, I probably have too much pride for my own good ... but honestly, it shouldn't happen.

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