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May 23, 2010


Lexi Revellian

"The best villains think they're the hero."

I've copied that into my notes. The Voldemort passages of the Harry Potter series are the parts I skim-read. Total evil - how boring and implausible is that? Even Hitler was fond of his dogs (until he had them shot).


Thrillers are my favorite types of books they actually keep you wanting to read more. The best way to tell if its a good thriller is to start reading it and if u dont want to put it down then its a good thriller.


Oh, how so, so true. I find thrillers can be so formulaic you can be reading one and predict exactly what is going to happen next - it is the reading equivalent of eating a cardboard box. I like Harlan Coben and one or two others, but most thriller writers (from James Patterson upwards) lost me years ago.

A good crime fiction novel is a different kettle of fish, and there are so many great ones being published now, in particular translated.

By the way, a very good translated thriller is Missing by Karin Altvegen. Puts most of the rest of the formula people to shame.

Robin O'Neill

"And if you get bogged down, kill someone."

That was in a NYT article about writing thrillers from some years back. I think it's good advice.

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