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May 01, 2010


Jersey Jack

Judging by this, I'd guess you don't like hardboiled.

Also, I have to say: Too many rules and universal-fit devices, both for this sub-genre and cozies. I think novels are fun to read when they're different, surprising, and take the reader places he/she's never been. How many bestsellers fit all of your rules?

Jennifer Schubert

This is a fantastic entry. Thank you.


It feels like you have expanded the genre of "hard-boiled" to include thrillers and noir.

Which is not a bad thing - I think the advice is great! - but hard-boiled also refers to detective fiction which is not so very dark, just tough, violent and sexy.

Your advice is great for the dark side of domestic thrillers too, btw.

I've been thinking about a blog post on the old aphorism: In hard-boiled, the hero is tough. In Noir the hero is screwed.

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