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April 25, 2010


J.A. Marlow

Nice list of tips about the mystery cozy. I agree on the authors who try to make it more 'edgy.' That loses one of the cores of the entire sub-genre and means I definitely won't read it. If I wanted edgy, I would read one of the other sub-genres of mystery.

I also agree about the relationships and small towns. I love books with the small-town feel and a lot of character interactions among the people who inhabit it. And I love the crazies! :)


Thanks for this breakdown. I write cozies and I'm thankful that I'm pretty much spot on after reading this. You are absolutely right - cozies that try to be too edgy with violence and sex don't set quite right.

Theresa de Valence

Nice, succinct description.

Patricia Rockwell

I think you nailed the "cozy," and I speak as an avid cozy reader and writer. We "cozy" people do tend to live in another--usually happier--world.

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