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April 01, 2010



Excellent post.

Both as a reader and a writer, I couldn’t agree more. As I was reading through the points, I was saying, “Yes, yes, YES.”

I work hard to ensure my writing is easy reading, and this post just confirms I’m on the right track. Thank you.

James L. Thane

Good points, all. This is exactly the sort of book I'm looking for on a day when my to-do list has suddenly become overwheliming, or when I'm stuck in airports and on planes all day and am in absolutely no mood whatsoever for something challenging and complex. There's definitely a time and place for more serious books, but some times you just want to kick back and relax in the company of a favorite genre author or someone who looks like he or she could become one.

Naomi Johnson

Patterson makes no demands on you? He makes the most impossible demand on me: that I suspend my disbelief when he's made it impossible for me to do so.

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