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December 15, 2009



I've read some but not all of those books, so thank you.

Alan Orloff

The first two on your list, ALONG CAME A SPIDER and WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN, are books that inspired me to write (and seem to be underrated)! Glad to see them on your list (along with some of the others, too).

Lexi Revellian

To my shame, I've only read two of your list - 'The Big Sleep' and 'And Then There Were None', the latter so long ago it wasn't called 'Ten Little Indians' but an even less PC title.

I shall make a list and see if I can get them out of the library for after Christmas.


I have read 3 of these and watched a movie of one (not the same). :) I love this list and will get the others for my Christmas break and will study. I TOTALLY agree you have to study the greats to be great. YAY!!! I love this information. Did I say I loved this post? Thank you.

Les Blatt

Glad to see Patricia Moyes on your list. I think it's a shame that she's out of print - the Tibbett mysteries were well plotted and entertaining, with endearing characters.

And I agree completely with your assessment of "And Then There Were None," which I still think should be on everyone's absolute-must reading list!

Violette Severin

I agree with you re the entire list. I have read all of them and they should be required reading for all mystery enthusiasts.

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