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October 09, 2009


Lexi Revellian

Superb post, oh Anonymous One - you've definitely got 'a sort of authorial perception or intelligence that engages my own'.

Re No. 3, as a child I always skipped description, until at the age of twelve I read Mary Renault's 'The Bull from the Sea'. Her descriptions are brief but so vivid you see the scene as if spotlit. She won me round.

Meredith Phillips

Thanks, Agatho!
I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm going to suggest that all our authors read this.

(btw, it's participles ;-)

Elizabeth Spann Craig

I'm tweeting this one. Thanks.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Alex Moore

great post!

it, of course, depends upon my purpose for reading, but when i'm reading for pleasure i think i can make it past almost anything except 2. Stilted, choppy language/sentence structure distracts me beyond belief.

oh and tense changes. i hate going back & forth between present & past. ;)

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