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April 22, 2009


Alan Orloff

I like "not-to-do" lists, too.

You've got some good ones here. I wonder which ones are the most "popular" reasons for getting rejected. #4, perhaps?

And #9 surprised me a little. I guess I didn't realize the publicist got involved at the ms evaluation stage. Interesting.

Lexi Revellian

Woot! Your list made me feel quite smug about my recently-completed novel.

Then I remembered an occasion when I sent out my very first novel, the one I learned to write on, and returned from the Post Office to find the SASE sitting on my desk. Nothing to be done about it.

I never heard from the agent. You're an unforgiving lot...

Mark Troy

25 pages to get started? You're more generous than any editor I've ever heard of. Are you sure you don't mean 25 lines?


WHAT?! You mean there's something wrong with my 300k semi-autobiographical treatise on how I, uh, I mean, Mary Sue gets revenge on a Fifth Grade bully when they end up in the same retirement home? But it's a sure best-seller! There's NOTHING like it on the market. I checked!

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