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April 02, 2009



I'm curious, Agatho--do you have any advice on how one might go about becoming a proofreader? I too get frustrated with typos...and I love fixing them. I work as an editor for a small press but would love to get into freelance editing and proofreading some day. The majority of links I've found, however, are of the "work from home and make lots of money!" type.


Are publishers generally open to typos reported by readers? If so, how likely are they to incorporate the corrections in subsequent editions?


Regarding Sigma Cum Laude.

It is a play of words that I created. It means the same as Suma Cum Laude , but freely mixing Greek and Latin words - Maximum praise.

Since I am a Sigma camera devotee , whose cameras integrates the Eastern made camera body and the Western made Foveon sensor , I decided to create a way to effectively praise the Ying Yang connotations and the Sigma brand , simultaneously

-Maximum praise to Sigma.


K. Wodke

I saw several big errors in a traditionally published book just yesterday.

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