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February 13, 2009



There's not much difference (some, but not much) between criticizing a book, as you criticize Sawtelle, and criticizing a writer. In fact, if one is criticizing the writer's overall work (which is what King did) rather than the writer as a person, there is next to no difference at all.

I'm just sayin'.

AGATHO RESPONDS: I must disagree. There is a big difference between criticizing a particular work (as I did with Sawtelle) and damning a person's inherent abilities. The former, I think, focuses on a specific "product" while the latter is an ad hominem argument. Note that I did not say that David Wrobleski is a "terrible writer"; I said that I vastly disliked his book, which is quite a different thing. In fact, I think he has the ability to be quite a good writer, but Sawtelle was far too self-indulgent and needed a massive edit. As far as Ms. Meyer goes, I am sure that many of her fans would not consider her to be a terrible writer (nor would I).


I agree completely about hating first person narratives. I can't read Cornwell anymore because of it (among other issues, but never mind that!)
And I also agree that King's comments re: Meyers were gratuitously nasty. I was surprised at his statement.

Pepper Smith

Erm, Donna, that was present tense narratives, not first person narratives.

I hate present tense, as well as second person narratives.


Actually, it's worth reading his complete comments on her. He has some positive things to say as well as negative - it's just the way the media likes to spin things as "controversies" to get attention.

The other thing is differentiating between "she doesn't write worth a damn [today]" and "she'll never write worth a damn", which are very different statements.

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