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September 27, 2007



I love your blog, and I apologize for commenting on such an old post, but please feel flattered, as I'm working my way through each and every word.

"It depresses me when I see writers talking about the publishers as if they are some sort of evil entity who hasn't made them wealthy."

I can't help noticing that you say this, even though again and again you tell writers not to expect to even make a living from their work .. just, perhaps, buy some new furniture once in awhile.

(Disclosure: I've worked in publishing for 25 years, though mostly in the University Press arena.)

I think many writers are embittered not because they aren't wealthy, but because they can't make a living. Publishing companies and their many employees, agencies and their many employees, booksellers (though mostly the corporations, not the employees), even freelance copyeditors and artists .. many people make a living (often a nice living) from publishing. But many, many writers do not.

Things are evolving quickly toward a new model. Here's hoping that in this new reality, writers have a better chance of making a living from their work.

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