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May 13, 2013


Ed Wyrick

Yes, voice is what draws me into a book more than anything else. I had two novels published, and well reviewed, in the mid nineties before life events caused me to stop writing. They were first person. I'm working on a third person manuscript fifteen years later and worry about voice. Do you, or any of the other readers here, have examples of third person narratives that had voices that grabbed you?


I just bought Monkey Wrench. We'll see. A year or so ago you'd written a review on Michael Hogan, and I read and enjoyed his 2 books. I checked for something new by him a couple months ago, but didn't find anything. He must have quit writing?

Lexi Revellian

I've just ordered Bucket Nut. Looks a good read, thanks.

Bob Toomey

To Ed Wyrick:

For excellent third person narratives, try Fredric Brown's "The Screaming Mimi" and Ross Thomas's "Chinaman's Chance." Both are first rate and very funny, although Brown shows you how to start funny and slide almost imperceptibly into horror.

Good luck.

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