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February 08, 2013


Chris Norbury

I share your concern and have been thinking of doing what you suggest, having few guns used in stories, especially by protagonists.

I don't consider violence levels when choosing a book to read, but I don't gravitate toward books that are all blood and guts, either.

Pepper Smith

I actually do gravitate away from books where violence levels are high. Personal choice. I see enough of it on the news and don't need it in my entertainment.

As a writer, I also tend away from the use of guns. My protagonist was taught self defense and relies on that to get herself out of trouble.

Lexi Revellian

My heroes tend towards martial arts, since I am in the UK where guns are rare, plus my daughter is a Jitsu blue belt so I take an interest.

One fact I used in my last novel is that guns are loud; loud enough for a few shots to permanently damage your hearing. This is easy to forget, since heroes in books and movies never reach for the earplugs yet blast away unscathed. Silencers do not make guns silent either, I was surprised to discover.


I have no problem with guns in books. I'd rather read about characters with guns than knives or other slasher objects. I won't buy a book with a knife on the cover or any reference to slashing in the blurb. I can hardly stand the thought of cutting, stabbing wounds.

I'm of the opinion that people who commit horrific crimes with guns don't read fiction. Maybe I'm wrong, but if they don't kill with guns, they'll find another way to do it. Visuals, like movies and games, show... and teach.

barry knister

I too am tired of novels that go into numbing detail about the make and model of weapon, angle of penetration and exit wound, etc. I'm happy to report that no guns figure in the first installment of my new mystery series, Blue Sky Six. It's due out in April.

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