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October 01, 2008



Two promotion efforts stick in my mind from this autumn:

One is Caroline Smailes' Little Black Boxes website widget: it's a toy for bloggers to play with and even promote their own sites with, but every one ALSO promotes hers. Pretty cute.

The other one was local, in which a children's book author set up at a bookshop NOT to sell books, but to make paper airplanes with kids. The paper airplanes were the focus of the publicity, but of course he also sold books.

On the other hand, I'm always irritated by the folks whose contributions to online discussion lists are one-liners or "Me Too", followed by nine lines of promotional signature. UGH. I wouldn't buy their book just on principle, after that.

So I think you're right, that giving something, or engaging with your readership, is the way to go; BS(S) isn't.

Thanks for a great post--much food for thought.

Jersey Jack

Speaking in NJ and NY libraries, by myself or with other mystery writers, is paying off nicely after 18 months and approximately 15 engagements. Just meeting the librarian, getting him or her to try your work, is worth the visit. New fans are a big bonus. Best time spent in all that I've done.

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