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April 23, 2008


Josephine Damian

Do these party goers think you have a boxful of books in your car to give away? Or maybe they think you're like the Fuller Brush man? You carry samples in your bag?

I hear family members can be the worst in expecting free books!


I'm pursuing a career in criminal investigations and if someone asks what I do, I'll say that. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to tell people you're writer.

Don't know what's worse: the ones who want the book for free, or the ones who have a "great idea" and want you to write it for them? Jeesh.

Great info and reality check in this post. Keep 'em coming.

paul lamb

I understand that Hallmark cards will take back unsold seasonal inventory. Just sayin!

Zoe Winters

Great post! I can only hope POD grows bigger, because the stigma is completely lame.

I'm going indie because after doing a lot of research I've determined there is nothing a small publisher can do for me that I can't learn to do for myself (or hire out)

And if I ever became a "name" of any sort, what would I need a publisher for?

There is still a lot of stigma, but, in ten years I think that won't be the case. And it'll be nice to already be on the road and have put out several books.

I'm really enjoying your blog, btw.


Sorry but I think you're wrong on your last point. Everyone has a computer and all computers (virtually) come with a word processor and if you can read you can write a novel. (Everyone figures that out real fast.)

To be a musician you have to at least be able to pretend to play, be able to find the switch on the drum machine and generally know at least three chords.

But to write? If you're capable of browsing Parade magazine once a week, chances are you can crank out a best-seller - hell, it's just words, isn't it? And what's that thing they say about monkeys in a room?

Some of us know that writing compelling, intriguing fiction is just hard as hell, but we're only one-tenth of one percent of the writing public. Another one percent, 200,000 are self-publishing or PODing their manuscripts. The effort to self-publish is about the same as turning out finger paintings in third period art class. So long as that's the case, the self-publishing world will be filled with unreadable books.

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